Credit loans refer to all the data that can be consulted by banks and credit institutions before granting a loan to private individuals or companies; with YS Creditors you can get more information about your Credit position quickly and easily.

With Credit financing, the information database managed by this private company is indicated on behalf of the SIC (Credit Information System). Through this Credit database; banks and financial institutions can access the fundamental information of their customers to assess their suitability for obtaining a loan. The purpose of the existence of the Credit financing database is to provide objective data on the reliability of the interested parties. Clearly it is not, as one might mistakenly think, a list of bad payers, but rather it presents all the information. Be they positive or negative.


Credit funding what you need to know

To obtain financing, therefore, it is necessary to know that when a loan is requested, the bank or credit institution to which it refers will proceed first of all to check the applicant’s data with the SIC; only after having analyzed and processed the information on Credit loans will it be possible to obtain a response regarding the desired loan. It is important to know that to compile the lists of names for Credit loans , the company refers exclusively to data provided by banks and other credit institutions. Which are based on the individual customer’s past payment experience. In case of failure to pay two consecutive installments the debtor is reported in the financing catalog as a “bad payer”.

Credit funding what you need to know

The data consulted for the loans are automatically deleted from the database after a certain period of stay; if you want to delete the data in advance, please note that it will be possible to proceed only in case of positive information. Negative data must remain in order to be consulted by potential future creditors.


The Credit loans and the SIC

With YS Creditors it is possible to get advice on Credit funding : how to consult our data, how and if it is possible to delete them and what to do in the event of a negative report.  Write to info @ YS Creditors for more information.